Practical information

Mobility dates

Once you have accepted the scholarship you have to agree the mobility dates with your Hosting University.

Please note that:

-       all Undergraduate, Doctorate and Post-doctorate candidates must start their mobilities no later than 31st December 2015 as per Erasmus Mundus program rules;

-       3rd Cohort Mobilities cannot start before 1st July 2015;

-       mobilities of 10 months duration: considering that the project is ending on 14th July 2016, the 10 months mobilities should start by 15th September 2015 to be allowed to receive 10 monthly scholarships (at least 9 months and 16 days: 10  months of scholarship).

-       Staff who not have already started their mobility, are required to agree the starting date as soon as possible taking into consideration that it cannot be later than 1st June 2016. The staff mobility must last 30 days as required by EACEA.

-       all mobilities (1st, 2nd and 3rd cohorts) must end by 14th July 2016 (end of the project eligibility period).

-       All grantees must go back to their home country once the EUROEAST mobility ends!


You must inform the official EUROEAST contact person at the host institution and the EUROEAST project coordinator “Politecnico di Torino” if you decide to terminate your EUROEAST  mobility before the foreseen scholarship end date. As soon as the EUROEAST coordinator is informed, the scholarship will be stopped.

If the actual mobility dates are different from the ones included in the scholarship contract, you are required to sign an addendum to the scholarship contract including the actual mobility dates.


In order to travel to the country of your Hosting university, you must apply for a visa at that country’s Embassy/Consulate in your country of residence. It may take up to various months to obtain the visa, depending on the country of origin and destination. To apply for a visa, you will need the scholarship offer, an invitation letter from your Hosting university and an insurance certificate that will be provided to you by Politecnico di Torino, the project coordinator. Please check with your local Embassy or Consulate whether you need to provide additional documents for your specific travel situation.


The Erasmus Mundus programme provides for coverage of the costs of one round trip from your home to your host country (your mobility destination) and back.
Your Hosting University is in charge of providing you with the more convenient travel solution (flight, train, bus tickets…).
For this purpose, the Hosting University will contact you by email for confirming your mobility starting date and then it will send you all the information for issuing the travel tickets.

Your travel must comply with the following conditions:

  • Location of departure: Home University location for Target Group 1 exchange grantees; country of residence for Target Group 2 and Target Group 3 full degree grantees.
  • Location of arrival: Hosting University location.
  • Costs for extra baggage will not be reimbursed by the Consortium. Usually Airlines allow check-in baggage up to 20 kg and a cabin piece up to 5 kg, but in any case you are recommended to check with the specific Airline.

Additional conditions:

  • You are not allowed to buy a flight ticket on your own, unless you have been previously authorized by your Hosting University. If you purchase it without any authorization, please be aware that you will not be reimbursed by the Consortium for the related expense.
  • You are responsible for respecting the flight terms and conditions and for checking that the travel itinerary is compatible with your visa/residence permit.
  • Flight changes are allowed for specific cases only and must be previously authorized by the EU institution in charge of the management of your trip; you are requested to follow the instructions given you on this by your EU University or by the travel agency in charge of booking your travel tickets.
  • In case your trip occurs during the weekend and unexpected circumstances (strikes, illness etc…) affecting your departure occur, grantees are encouraged to contact directly the Flight Company in case they do not have any university or travel agency emergency number.

You must keep the original plane boarding cards (outbound) and deliver them to your Hosting University. In case of loss of the original boarding passes, grantees are requested to fill in and sign a Declaration of boarding passes loss application/msword (68.50 kB) and to provide it together with:

  • a copy of the boarding passes (if available);
  • or a copy of the visa and passport pages with the personal information and with the stamp of the border officers as a travel proof of the trip related to the mobility.

No additional intermediate trips in the course of your mobility will be covered by the project. In case you travel during your mobility, these trips will be at your own cost. Please note that you will also need to ask for the authorization of your Hosting University before doing any of these intermediate trips.

Additional travel expenses directly incurred by you for reaching your mobility destination can be reimbursed by the Consortium, after you have submitted original receipts/tickets to your Home or Hosting University. These expenses may include:

-       VISA fees for which the Embassy/Consulate issues a receipt.

-       Additional travel costs incurred by grantees during their mobility round trip, for example between city and airport. These expenses are only eligible when done on public transportation with the least expensive solution (bus, train, couch, tram). Taxi tickets can be accepted only when supported by proof that no public transport is available.

-       In case of costs in other currency, the calculation will be done using the EU currency exchange of the European Commission of the month when the payment is executed.


You will be provided with a full insurance coverage (health, travel, accident) valid during your whole mobility period. The insurance cost will be paid directly by the Partnership Coordinator to the insurance company. You will not be required to pay any amount for the insurance coverage.

You are not allowed to buy the insurance coverage on your own, unless previously agreed with the Partnership Coordinator. If you do so, please be aware that you will not be reimbursed by the Consortium for the related expense.

As soon as your scholarship start date is confirmed by your Hosting university, the project coordinator will send you a personal insurance certificate (scanned) that is needed for the visa application. The scanned certificate will serve as an original, you should print it out and keep a copy of it in your wallet.

Please check with the embassy/consulate where you must apply for visa if the scanned insurance certificate is accepted.

In case of health problems or if you need any clarification regarding the insurance coverage, please contact the Insurance company by:

- Filling in the contact form available at: 

- Calling them by phone at: +32 (0)2 674 96 11


Please be aware that your scholarship does not imply automatic admission to your Hosting university and that you will need to follow your Hosting university’s admission procedures. Your Hosting university will contact you by e-mail for giving you all the relevant information and documents necessary for completing your formal admission and enrolment.


Your  Hosting university will provide you assistance in finding an accommodation inside or outside the campus.