Upon arrival at the Hosting university

As soon as you arrive at your destination, you must check in at the Hosting university in order to formally start your mobility. To do so, please meet with the Hosting university contact person and sign the Certificate of Mobility application/msword (444.00 kB)

Scholarship Contract

In order to receive your scholarship, upon your arrival at the Hosting university you will be required to deliver one original of the Scholarship Contract you signed upon acceptance of the scholarship. You will keep the second original for yourself.  The host university will then keep one original of the Scholarship Contract and send a scan copy to the coordinator.

Travel documents

Upon your arrival at the Hosting university you will be required to deliver the following documents:

-  flight boarding passes in original;

reimbursement request application/msword (52.00 kB) for additional travel expenses directly incurred by you, as described above, together with original receipts.

Residence permit

The immigration law normally requires foreign citizens to apply for a residence permit within a few days of arrival in the country. This is a different document from the visa that you will already have received in your home country. Your Hosting university will assist you in requesting the residence permit after you have arrived

Bank accountand monthly subsistence allowance

Your EU Home/Hosting University will pay your subsistence allowance by money transfer to your European bank account, usually on a monthly basis. If you don’t have a bank account in Europe (ENPI-East grantees), you will need to open one soon after your arrival. Your EU Hosting University will assist you with this.

Subsistence allowances will not be paid in advance before the mobility starts. The first instalment is to be made after the completion of the arrival procedures and the submission of all required documents  (check the mobility documents section below). ENPI-East  grant holders will be asked to open a bank account at the host country in EU; EU grant holders will receive their subsistence allowances to their bank accounts at their home country in EU. All grant holders will be asked to provide the EU partner institution with their bank account details upon arrival to the Host institution.

In case of any changes to the bank account details, you must immediately inform the EU partner institution about this change.

Since the monthly allowance will be paid you after your arrival to the Host institution and when you finalized the procedures related to the opening of the bank account and to the arrival documents, we encourage you to bring your own financial resources for the first few weeks of mobility (it is also assumed, that bank transfer will take few days!); please consult your EUROEAST contact person at the host institution, who should be able to advise you on the amount of funds that may be necessary.

The scholarship duration is rounded to the higher number of months for portions of mobility that are more than 15 days and to the lower number of months for portions of mobility up to 15 days. Staff mobilities must last at least 30 days.
This means that for instance if you stay 9 months and 14 days, you will only receive subsistence allowances for 9 months

Mobility type




1 semester or 10 months

1000 € /month


1 semester or 10 or 22 months

1000 € /month


6 or 12 or 18 months

1500 € /month


6 months

1800 € /month


1 month (at least 30 days)

2500 € /month

Language courses

Your Hosting University will alert you in case this language course is required, recommended or just available, providing you with all the relevant information.

Scholarship conditions

You must comply with the local admission requirements and the standard registration procedures at the Hosting University; moreover Target Group 1 grantees must also be enrolled at the Home University in the same academic level of the exchange mobility for the whole scholarship duration.

You must make sure to fulfil the minimum academic/mobility requirements set by the Partnership. These scholarship conditions are fully described in the Scholarship Contract; please read it again carefully and in case of any doubt you can refer to your Host Institution.

Academic Arrangements

Upon arrival you must deliver the Learning Agreement or Work plan with all the signatures in original to the Hosting university. In case you later need to modify your Learning Agreement application/msword (455.50 kB) or Work plan application/msword (448.50 kB), please be aware that any change must be agreed with the Home and Hosting university and you will need their signatures on the modification page.

Scholarship termination

Your scholarship may be earlier terminated if:

-       you decide to withdraw from the project;

-       or if you do not comply with the regulations set in the scholarship contract, with particular reference to the presence at the Host University, the academic performance and the rules and regulations of the Host University.

In case of earlier scholarship termination, the Partnership will suspend the payment of the monthly allowance and may require you to the reimburse the scholarship, in part or in full.