EUROEAST provides scholarships for students, researchers and staff from the targeted Third Countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus) and from Europe in order to study, do research, training or teaching at one of the European or Third Country Universities of the Partnership.

Mobilities cannot take place between the European countries, nor between the targeted Third Countries.

Different scholarships are available for different mobility types and for durations, depending on the level and type of mobility. Please see the project summary sheet application/pdf (35.43 kB)for further information on the total number of scholarships available within the project. 

Different scholarships are available for different mobility types and for durations from 1 to 34 months, depending on the level and type of mobility:

Mobility level and type


Undergraduate - exchange

6 or 10

Master - exchange

6 or 10

Master - full degree


Doctorate - exchange

6, 12 or 18

Doctorate - full degree




Academic or Administrative Staff


A wide range of programmes in different academic fields is offered by the different host universities. Check the academic programmes section for detailed information on the type and duration of available mobilities.

Scholarships will be distributed on two cohorts of applicants selected respectively in the year 2013 and 2014 for mobilities starting in the same year. Staff mobilities can start at any time between 2013 and 2016. All mobilities must end before July 14, 2016.

The scholarship includes a monthly subsistence allowance paid by the Partnership for the duration of the mobility period:


1.000 euro


1.000 euro


1.500 euro


1.800 euro


2.500 euro

The scholarship also includes:
- one paid trip from the home to the host country and back; 
- full health, travel and accident insurance for the duration of the mobility period; 
- waiver of all university fees at the hosting university.

Participants at any level will not be required to pay any fees to the host universities. Exchange students will continue paying their fees at their university of origin.